Weekend Reading 10.3.21

Hello October! It’s been so beautiful the past few weeks, I’m soaking up the autumn flavors and sights all around me. We’ve been lucky to not have any wildfires locally so the air is clear and crisp. So far we’re catching a break this season.

Today I’m finishing up the wallpaper in a bathroom renovation then I’m attending an Oktoberfest celebration at a local beergarden with some lovely friends. Prost!

Favorite links from the week:

What a perfect shade of blue in this sunny cocktail room.

A garden shed becomes a teen hangout.

Fab DIY: mirrored wall using IKEA stick on mirrors.

 This interior planter built into hardwood flooring. 🙂

This unexpected use for wine corks.

Very cute for your fall table: mini plaster pumpkins & tealight holders.

How to carve your pet’s face on a pumpkin for Halloween.

Remodeling expenses by region: actual cost versus resale value.

Always impressed when celebrities recycle their gowns.

Twelve places in the world where it is never cold.

What if we all measured success by these standards?

A beautiful reflection on the month of October.

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Sculptural Mirrors in Organic Shapes

On that model home tour I shared earlier this week, I spied an amazing live edge wood mirror on the wall in the dining room of one of the staged homes. (I was also happy to see my favorite small round dining table also used in this client’s dining nook.)


Rounded edge rectangle and circle mirrors with pencil thin or wood trim edges have been popular in the past few years but I love that we’re seeing more organic flowing edge mirrors.

These live edge and asymmetrical mirrors mimic more of the shapes you’d see in nature. They make great focal points and as always, mirrors are that perfect solution for bouncing light around a room.

live edge 36”custom live edge

wood live edge48” live edge


rectangle live edge

wavy woodhickory swirl mirror

organic ovalmidcentury wood

48” brass rough edge

black wavy edge (also gold) / edgebark

black irregular edge (also brass) / brass set of 3

asymmetrical set – irregular shape

flowing woodibiza gold

gunmetalchampagne organic shape

gold asymmetrical mirror

Do you love these more organic shapes too?

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7 Smart Storage Pieces That We Rely On Every Day

Anyone who lives in a small-ish space knows that thoughtful storage can upgrade so many aspects of your life at home when it’s done right (and it can be a daily frustration when it’s not done well or at all). No matter how big your rooms are or how many you have, you just want to be able to access things easily & keep them in a smart spot – and downsizing from our 3150 square foot house to this 1400 square foot home last year definitely challenged us to be even more mindful about how we incorporate the most useful storage systems into our home. Suddenly we were living in 6 rooms (down from 14!) and we also no longer have a garage, an attic, a big outdoor shed/workshop, or even a closet in most of the bedrooms (of our 3 bedrooms, only 1 had a closet when we bought this house!).

Continue reading 7 Smart Storage Pieces That We Rely On Every Day at Young House Love.

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Model Home Tour: Design Takeaways

Over the weekend I toured some nearby model homes in a new housing development. I love peeking into model homes to look for creative design ideas. These designers/stagers had some great takeaways which I was going to share on Instagram but instead decided they were worthy of a blog post.

I shot these with a cell phone so the quality is not as good as if I had brought my dSLR camera, but they capture the the spaces and details adequately enough. I’ll share more closeups and video in today’s Instagram stories.

Think bigger: display large scale art instead of a gallery wall of smaller frames.


Turn macramé curtains into a bed canopy.


Say yes to subtle patterned wall to wall carpet.


Classic hue + modern shapes = this opaque blue glass tile mosaic.


Blend different shapes of porcelain tile flooring.


Consider rectangular open cabinets instead of floating shelves for storage.

For drama, stack rectangular natural stone tiles in a shower.


Group smaller tables to create one larger interesting coffee table arrangement.


Tuck an ottoman under nesting tables for texture and/or extra seating.


Hang wall cubbies asymmetrically in kids rooms.


Stained wood slats over dark paint make a dramatic backdrop to bookcases.



Better in threes: group small pendants in corners or above nightstands.


Hang white brick wallpaper on one wall for subtle texture.


Install textured tile in creative stripes inside small showers.


Display opportunity: Shelves in front of windows.



Small spaces are perfect spots for focal point wall treatments.


Group same size mirrors together in an abstract wall display.


Which one is your favorite design element?

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Popular Home Renovation Ideas

home remodeling

The act of home remodeling, home improvement, or renovations is essentially the same as its name suggests; it’s the process of making or updating one’s existing home interior. Additionally, home remodeling can include projects which update an existing home exterior, interior, or any other structural improvements on the property. For example, a home improvement project could include any sort of roofing improvement, including adding a new roof to replace one that’s fallen into disrepair, repairing any porch, basement, or exterior water leak, painting the exterior walls, updating plumbing, installing new windows or doors, and even adding security lighting to a house. Some homeowners also take on making their own home upgrades, such as installing a new central air conditioning system or replacing the kitchen countertops.

Most homeowners are reluctant to make major changes to their homes, and when they do so, they hire professional contractors. When homeowners attempt major home remodeling projects themselves, there are numerous issues with the renovation process itself. To avoid these problems, homeowners should hire only reputable contractors who have either completed work for well-known contractors or who are family or home improvement experts. Additionally, the following tips will help guide you through the home remodeling project:

Exterior remodeling is a great way to add value and curb appeal to your property. Many homeowners are interested in adding more character and charm to their homes, and the exterior remodeling process is a perfect opportunity to accomplish these goals. However, if you’re interested in exterior remodeling, you should consider hiring a general contractor for this project to ensure you’re doing everything yourself.

Another important aspect of any remodeling endeavor is the kitchen. In fact, many homeowners fail to completely renovate their kitchens because they’re under the impression that it’s an easy room to remodel. However, kitchens can be very complicated places to remodel, especially if you want to add new cabinetry, a new floorboard, install new lighting fixtures, or replace cabinetry. Although you may not have a lot of room to work with when redesigning your kitchen, there are some things you can do to make the room more efficient while adding more value to your home equity. For instance, you can install new floorings such as granite or wood, which will help improve your cabinets’ appearance and overall functionality.

The living room is probably the most overlooked area when it comes to home remodeling. While it may seem like a large expense, it actually involves making relatively small changes to your home. One of the largest expenses involves making structural changes to your home by replacing worn carpet, painting the walls, repainting, updating your baseboard drawers, and installing new baseboard lighting. Some of the smaller changes that you can make include adding a modern flat-panel television, installing an electrical wall outlet, adding built-in shelving units, changing your cabinetry design, adding new flooring such as hardwood or tile, replacing window dressings, adding new flooring throughout your house, and purchasing new appliances. Replacing worn carpet with new or even used flooring can increase the usable space in your living room by quite a bit, making it easier for you to do more things in your room, such as entertaining guests or host family gatherings.

While some homeowners realize that they need to hire a home remodeling contractor or interior designer for kitchen remodeling, many homeowners do not consider exterior home remodeling when they are renovating their homes. While exterior home remodeling can involve a wide range of projects, such as painting your exterior walls, adding siding, repainting, updating your foundation slab, adding guttering and roofing materials to waterproof your home, and adding landscaping to your yard, the biggest projects involved in this category include replacing your home’s siding and exterior concrete foundation slab. If you are going to hire a contractor for these projects, make sure they are licensed, experienced contractors who can handle the project properly.

Kitchen remodeling is perhaps the most popular type of home renovation idea, and this category tends to be among the most popular because it involves the most changes. Kitchen remodeling allows for a lot of customization, so it is a great way to add value to your home and create a focal point for the room. There are a wide variety of ways that you can decorate your kitchen island, including creating a new color scheme and using various accessories to create a theme within the room. Another popular option for remodeling your kitchen island is to add extra counter space by installing bar stools, bistro tables, and even a pizza oven. These additions will not only make your kitchen more usable space but will also add an attractive appearance to your home.

When it comes to bathroom remodeling, homeowners will find one of the most popular ways to improve their homes is by replacing outdated bathroom fixtures and upgrades. Bathroom remodeling projects can range from adding a new faucet to a custom sink and tub to installing a new flooring type. Whatever your particular goals are for your bathroom remodel, some reliable professionals can help you achieve them. If you have decided to replace or install new fixtures, it is important to speak with your home improvement company and a plumber to ensure that you choose the right products and services for your home remodeling needs. With proper planning, bathroom remodels can truly be a remarkable project that adds value to your property and serves as a focal point for the entire house.